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I can't scan my certificate.

  1. Have a good light source and align your QR code with the scan zone edge. The size of the visual aid is the size of the code we need. Your code must be flat (wrinkled paper won't work well).
  2. If you have a screenshot or a picture of your code, you can use the "Import picture" button.
  3. Please be sure to use the EU version of your certificate. See the following question if you don't know where to get yours.
  4. We support the EU Digital COVID certificate of vaccination, recovery or test.
  5. If all else fails, you can contact us or open an issue.

What's this project?

This web application scans your EU Digital COVID certificate (vaccine, test, or healing) and generates a passbook from it. You can then import it into your iPhone's wallet, or if you're an Android user, import it into an app that supports it.

Can I save the certificate on Android?

Yes! You can save the .pkpass file and open it with an application that supports this format, for example:

You can also screenshot the pass preview we display before download; it contains all the relevant information you see on the cover of your paper certificate.

How can I get my EU DCC (certificate)?

In Belgium, you can download your certificate from (French), (Dutch) or (German).

In Greece, you can download your certificate from or from myKEPlive.
Note: Make sure you download the EU Certificate.

How does it work?

When you scan the code, we read the data and create the passbook (the file needed to have a card in your wallet). We send a checksum for digital signature to our server, without sending your data. Your phone generates the final file and lets you save it.

Is it secure?

We put a lot of effort into making it as secure as we could. Your personal data never leaves your phone. Apple requires a digital signature to open a pass. To generate this, the app only sends a checksum of your data to our server, and it's impossible to guess the original content. The last step happens on your phone: you preview your information before saving the pass. We don't track anyone, we don't collect any personal information, and we don't use cookies.

More about the creators of the project

This app is an original idea and work of Thibault Milan (@thibaultmilan on Twitter), with the help from Alain Vagner, Guillaume Rischard and the advices from @alrouen.

New (since end of 08/2021) Design proposition made by Laurence Vagner.
Accessibility improvements and CSS made by Geoffrey Crofte.

This version of the project was created in cooperation with doctoraytime, to offer their members the chance to have their Covid Certificate on their smartphone's Wallet, for free!

You can also see the complete list of contributors on the Github project.

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